Swim Smooth Silicon Swim Cap

Make your swimming just that little bit smooother!

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Look your best in the water by sporting a silicone Swim Smooth swim cap. These caps have been engineered to be more flexible and softer than a traditional silcone cap, which makes them much more comfortable on the head. They're also slightly larger than a normal cap, so if you struggle with caps riding up and slipping off, you'll love this design.

We've specially developed these caps to be a little more flexible than most silicone caps - meaning it won't squeeze your head or give you a headache in use. Many men find swim caps too tight - try this cap, we're sure you'll notice the difference.

Boys, you may not be accustomed to wearing a cap but we encourage you to give it a try. Did you know, it's faster swimming with a cap than without - and it will hold your Tempo Trainer Pro firmly in place!

Our caps are supplied in a choice of four designs - the classic Swim Smooth Swoosh in pink and green. A funky new bubbles design in blue, and the Swim Smooth Guru cap in white.

If you train in open water we strongly recommend you wear a bright swimming cap (ideally pink or bright green!). It makes you much more visible to other water users and safety craft. We never swim outdoors without one!